3 Ways to Gently Support Adrenal Wake Up


Do you have or think you might have Adrenal Fatigue? Are you looking for another way to support your body through it? Have you ever considered Energy Work as an option but wonder how it can assist in the healing?

Adrenal Fatigue is all about stress on the body, whether it is physical, mental or emotional. If you have burned out Adrenals, it is now time to relax and listen to your body so you can repair.

Likely you will need to change up a few habits, maybe with your stress handling practices, sleeping and/or eating patterns but receiving Energy Work in conjunction with your other protocols can offer some great benefits.

1) It Can Help Bring Awareness to Your Triggers

Energy Work helps to focus intentional energy on the adrenals themselves. It often offers an intuitive connection to emotions and other areas of the body that may be affected also. While it doesn’t diagnose anything technically, often a connection can be made between the physical symptoms and emotional triggers. Having the awareness, essentially having it highlighted for you, allows you the choice to release it and receive healing to the affected area. Energy Work can’t contraindicate with anything either so if you are receiving medical attention or are on medications it can only offer support.

2) It Allows Time for You

Let’s be totally honest, the reason your adrenals are fatigued and you feel burned out is likely largely due to the fact that you haven’t been making any time for you. You have been putting yourself last, or possibly working very hard on yourself through physical demands and you could use a rest. It sounds simple, but if you carve out time to receive some healing warm and fuzzy love, wonderful things can turn around in your reality. It is easily the most import reason, but the one that is most overlooked by most, until something needs fixing.

3) Energy Work Can Help You Dissolve and Release What Isn’t Supporting Your Body

Whether it is through Reiki, Medical Intuition or Access Consciousness Bars©, and many more modalities not mentioned here, intentional healing is allowed to take place. Often times when something shows up in the physical, it has come up as a symptom or layer of something that can now be released and healed. By allowing the connections to be made, choosing to heal, receiving rest and relaxation, you allow the gentle process of release. Wouldn’t it be great just to lie down, get snugged up on a heated bed and just receive and release what isn’t serving you?

Through Energy Work, you can check off a few ways to support and love yourself through your healing. Whether or not you are tackling it from a nutritional, medical or receiving other Complementary Medical Treatments, Energy Work can add to or even supercharge what you are already receiving.

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Susie is a Certified Intuitive and Complementary Medicine Therapist with a nutritional background. She has assisted many clients with expansive personal growth on both their spiritual and health journeys, specializing in chronic digestive issues and high anxiety for both children and adults by balancing physical, emotional and mental symptoms through Guidance and Energetic Body Work.

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