Are You Willing Or Waiting?5 Ways Receiving Reiki Can Boost Your Energy


When you come out of a healing session, do you ever think, “well that was easy?” Do you leave feeling so balanced that you have the thought, “what just happened?” Are you a person who feels like healing or balancing your body needs to be a process?

Often people feel, what they are healing through needs to take the time or be series of steps. Sometimes it does, but so often, that is just a choice. When we are willing to choose the ease of it all, it really can be that simple.

Since Reiki is based on intentions and energy going where it needs to go, the intention can simply be, to shift, then your energy goes to a willingness not waiting. Here are 5 simple ways your willingness can assist with your treatment and help boost your energy and shift you quickly.

Willing to Choose You

When you are open and willing to make yourself a priority, you will see a shift. This works in 2 ways; it tells the Universe you are ready and it gets you motivated enough to seek the treatment that will best assist you to get there. Shifts happen when you are open to the healing. Reiki also flows best when you are open, therefore, you will get the most out of your session. Willingness to make yourself a priority increases your energy because it allows the nurturing of you. You make time and create space in your schedule to honour you.

Willing to Change Your Perspective

Sometimes we need to see it a different way in order to shift. Sometimes we even have to be wrong to allow this. Uncovering different perspectives can shift your realities, giving you more positivity on a daily basis. Overall changes, growth, and healing can take years, but you can also experience a shift in minutes if you are willing to view things differently. This empowerment gives you a fresh new positive outlook and a new tool to work with to jack up your energy daily.

Willing to Do What It Takes

Is it possible that you have just never been given the tools to shift your realities before? That moment or “ah ha” that you get when something just clicks, feels so light. How do you bottle that feeling of, energetic and calm that you have when you walk out of your session? Your therapist has tools if you are willing to do the work. Using these tools, or doing your homework allows the shift to continue after you leave. This will build on your session and allow the energy to keep moving until your next session.

Willing to Let Go

Don’t be a hoarder of emotional baggage! That drains your energy. When you are willing to let go of it all, you will have way more energy. This means the wrongness, the stories, the pain, the habits, patterns, or beliefs can just go. If you are willing to let go, you get to feel much lighter and energetic.

Willing to Choose Now

The longer you wait or procrastinate, the more time you have to carry it around. Stress and emotions can weigh heavy on our internal organs. When the timing is right for you, you can experience big shifts in your energies by allowing those blockages to disappear. Now is exciting and enlightening in its own energy. Why not now?

When you show up to shift and heal in your session with willingness instead of the waiting-ness, you can experience both positive shifts for more energy and also an inner peace and calm in your day to day as well. Are you willing or waiting?

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Susie is a Certified Intuitive and Complementary Medicine Therapist with a nutritional background. She has assisted many clients with expansive personal growth on both their spiritual and health journeys, specializing in chronic digestive issues and high anxiety for both children and adults by balancing physical, emotional and mental symptoms through Guidance and Energetic Body Work.

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