Got Energy?5 Ways Aligning Your Chakras with Reiki can Boost Your Energy


Are you in the habit of overhauling your chakras regularly? Did you know that by doing so, it can boost your energy levels? Do you know how many energy centers there are in the human body?

It is said that we have thousands of energy centers in our body. No one has truly identified all of them and different modalities support different findings. One thing is for certain, we have many more than the main ones we focus on. Most people are familiar with the main 7. We focus here because they are the biggest areas of vibration in our bodies, where shifts can actually be felt. They are vibrating centers essentially in a line straight up our body. The minor chakras have less impact on our senses, as in, we don’t feel them to identify them, but they still have a large impact on our overall health and wellbeing and can assist us with body harmony.

Every chakra affects different organs, body parts, and systems in our body, so keeping them all balanced, can have a positive effect on even the tiniest cell. With the 7 main chakras being the largest, there is overlap on some of the minor energy centers as well, making it difficult to pinpoint each tiny one. When we focus on balancing the main ones, we end up balancing the minor ones also. Here are 5 ways Reiki energy can help to align all your chakras and boost your personal energy levels.


Hands-on healing allows energies to be “read” through feeling. Body scanning with Reiki can highlight “hot spots” or areas to focus on in your treatment. Your body can tell your story if you let it, while you relax or even sleep. When the flow of Reiki can focus on these “hot spots” they can be energetically supported to release and recharge. Now your cells can rest or focus on other things like giving you your energy back. Energy flows to all cells, harmonizing the way they work together and strengthening their function in your body, giving you more personal energy.

Releasing Stuck Energy

When you are able to clear away stuck energy from your organs or systems, your overall energy improves naturally. The natural rhythm and flow of your body, or your life force energy improves. This also improves the day to day function of your organs and systems and allows you to sleep better too.

Running Energy through Organs and Body Systems

This can be intensified through the energy of Reiki. If you are feeling run down and tired, by focusing the flow of Reiki on certain organs such as your adrenals for example, or your filter organs such as kidneys and liver, can allow you to experience more energy. Reiki can also focus on certain systems such as; your immune system if you are feeling like you are coming down with something or always catching what goes around. Systems and organs can be strengthened and improved by running energy there with intention.

Connecting Emotions to Physical Symptoms

When you are able to connect the dots of which emotions are triggering certain physical symptoms, you can experience relief from these symptoms. Clarity and healing can occur through awareness and choice. When you aren’t wasting unnecessary emotional energy, and also using up the energy to constantly heal your body, you can experience more energy overall.


Feeling clear and centered, after a Reiki session. It removes the fog, by balancing your chakras with energy. It naturally allows your body to connect back in and feel grounded. Often times when we are in need of a good balance we feel scattered and off, sometimes foggy and unclear in our thoughts. This also causes us to burn more energy as we experience the “spinning our wheels,” scenario, where our body utilizes more energy trying to connect and be clear. Grounding allows us to feel centered, calm and fully present and energized.

By aligning your chakras regularly through Reiki, you can experience all of these. Through Reiki, energy can flow to al areas to balance and align the corresponding systems and body parts allowing you to experience more energy regularly.

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Susie is a Certified Intuitive and Complementary Medicine Therapist with a nutritional background. She has assisted many clients with expansive personal growth on both their spiritual and health journeys, specializing in chronic digestive issues and high anxiety for both children and adults by balancing physical, emotional and mental symptoms through Guidance and Energetic Body Work.

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