How Judgment Affects Your Digestionand 3 Easy Steps to Nip it in the Bud


What colour is this? Do we even know to agree on this one single thing? It might be red, but do you see more orange in that red than me?

What someone’s perception or perspective on any one thing might be, could be totally different than yours. Does someone have to be right, or wrong? Does it matter? Whether we agree or not, it is what it is. Situations in life are no different. How you process them may be affecting your guts more than you think.

Opinions and judgments are merely a perception. How someone perceives a situation has nothing to do with you. Your perception could be similar or completely different but either way, it’s in the eye of the beholder, just like art. When you recognize others perceptions and opinions as theirs and not yours and you allow this to be how you handle them, you allow your guts to relax. Seriously. Worry, over thinking, unnecessary processing, obsessing, anxiety, fear, resentment…the list goes on, all get stored in our organs. That gut feeling that something doesn’t feel light gets processed in our body. Our small intestine, for example, is related to intellect, nourishment and joy and sadness. Our stomach? Digestion of life, worry, thinking, and rejection. It also processes our conscious mind, which I will get back to in a bit. Holding others judgments and trying to process them, only creates more work for our bodies and wasted energy. Here are 3 easy steps that are guaranteed to help your guts.

Recognition: Spot the judgment and acknowledge when they come up for you. This can be for yourself and others. Call a spade a spade, in your head or out loud, even when it is a clear judgment of yourself. Using positive words from a fascinating or interesting point of view can help in identifying these. Having awareness gives you power.

Choice: Make your choice. You have the power. Is it going to bother you or is it simply just someone else’s perception that you have recognized and identified? How can you choose to contribute to yourself? Choose the next step. Choosing to process it, hang on it, think about it, doesn’t make it wrong but knowing that you have control in your choice, builds even more awareness. You can choose to let it go as their stuff too.

Allowance: The more we allow all around us, and in ourselves, the less we allow judgment to affect us. Allow people to have their own opinions and judgments without them directly relating to you. They are on their road and you are on yours. It’s ok to give yourself permission to opt out of being triggered.

So how will this help your guts? Let’s go back to the part where I said the stomach is related to the conscious mind. The only one thing we can actually control in our lives is how we choose to act and react in any situation. When we do these 3 easy steps, we bring our situations into our conscious mind. Awareness is consciousness.

When we bring something into our consciousness, it allows us to have a choice. From there we can choose peace and experience it daily especially in our guts.

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Susie is a Certified Intuitive and Complementary Medicine Therapist with a nutritional background. She has assisted many clients with expansive personal growth on both their spiritual and health journeys, specializing in chronic digestive issues and high anxiety for both children and adults by balancing physical, emotional and mental symptoms through Guidance and Energetic Body Work.

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