3 Extra Chakras That Can Give You A Leg Up in Your Performance


Are you training for a competition or high-performance sport? Do you sometimes feel it’s one step forward two steps back? Do you have days where you feel completely off balance and disconnected from your game?

I have been practicing energy work for the past 6 years. Over that time, I have been raising athletic kids. My daughter is a competitive dancer and the inspiration for this blog. I have a lot of people connected to me in high profile sports, which has made these 3 extras fascinating for me to discover in sessions, acknowledge and share with you.

With clients I always see some imbalance in all chakras, some chakras more than others, depending what they are working on at the time. We all shift in and out of balance daily. It takes a conscious connection to allow us to stay in balance for longer. Most are familiar with the 7 major chakras in the body. By focusing on them, both individually and altogether can have major benefits for overall body alignment and body system function. By gaining insight into the area through energy work, and connecting the dots, allows emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing to take place. Thanks to my athletic clients over the years, I have added these extras into all client “check ins” when I work with them. The following extras are the ones, I have found always need a little extra love with my athletes;

Earth Star Chakra: Much like the crown chakra, this is an out of the body energy centre but is connected to the nerve endings in the soles of our feet. This is also what we balance when we walk in nature or stand bare foot in the grass or sand at the beach. It is our invisible root network that keeps us connected to the earth like a tree. When this is in balance we are safe, secure and feel stable and aligned. It is easier to balance the root chakra and the other above chakras, if Earth Star Chakra is in balance. Our intricate root system is responsible for our ankles, knees and hips. Our foundation and stability, when aligned in both places can assist with injury prevention and recovery and feeling physically more balanced and sure footed.

Thymus, or Higher Heart Chakra: This is the bridge between our hearts desires in the heart center and the expression of our truth at our throat. The thymus is a large gland responsible for assisting our immune system. It is emotionally related to allowance, which is the opposite of control. Athletes challenge their bodies daily, physically, nutritionally, and mentally with demanding schedules, routines and postures. It takes self control and discipline, which focuses more on control than allowance, making this chakra one to absolutely check in and align regularly. In doing so, it can also help align your desire and expression centers and give your immune system some extra love too. When I work with clients through energy work, I can highlight these areas in a session and then access tools to assist with bringing in more allowance to the Thymus Chakra. How does it get better than that?

Ear Chakra: Also known as the Inner Ear Charka or Third Ear Chakra, functions as one chakra even though there are energy centers on either side of our ears. Ear chakra enhances the transmission of sound waves to the brain, making this chakra an intricate link to our brain and support to Third Eye Chakra also. The inner ears abet our sense of gravity, our balance and equilibrium and by harmonizing this chakra regularly can have a noticeable benefit to our performance. Loud music or noises, shouting, fighting or verbal abuse effect this chakra in a negative way. This chakra can easily become out of balance, leaving us feeling like we are not on our game or totally frustrated that our body isn’t doing what we know it can. This can also be a window for injury, so it’s important to keep Ear Chakra clear and attuned.

By focusing on these 3 extras and then running an alignment of all the chakras with energy work could easily give you or maintain the “leg up” you’ve been looking for.

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Susie is a Certified Intuitive and Complementary Medicine Therapist with a nutritional background. She has assisted many clients with expansive personal growth on both their spiritual and health journeys, specializing in chronic digestive issues and high anxiety for both children and adults by balancing physical, emotional and mental symptoms through Guidance and Energetic Body Work.

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