“BEING” the Frequency.5 Ways To Choose A More Conscious Connection.


Have you been using a daily practice that overnight, seemingly, just stopped working? It was SO powerful and you felt SO good then it lost its charge? Do you feel like you’ve completely stalled out in your Practice?

This is so common when we are working on ourselves. Self-care, taking time, making time, spending time with self can often hit close to the bottom of our priority list and having a few “go to” things in our back pocket can sometimes be all we choose to commit to, for ourselves. Sometimes in order to check it off, and carve out time, it shifts into habit forming rather than present connection. Choosing Consciousness can be a minute to minute daily practice that requires action. We choose the tool out of our kit that can best allow us to feel peaceful and calm, even in not so peaceful situations. It could be the powerful tool you have used in the past with great success to raise your frequency. Managing our energetic state has so much power and is fueled by our potency and our choice. One of the most common follow ups I hear is though is, “it was working great and now it doesn’t seem to be working anymore”

Here are 5 things you can do to make sure you are creating the most conscious connection while increasing your daily awareness.


Check in on The Delivery of Your Prayer, Ritual, Regime or Practice;

If you have it on “auto pilot” then maybe it could be time for a refresh. Sometimes, when we repeat what starts working well, we end up repeating it to the point where it could stop having impact. This also includes our body work such as; nutrition and workout plans. It can stop having impact because when we are not in the energy of consciously asking if it is a contribution, we are out of awareness because we have decided for our body or soul with our mind and not our awareness.  We have decided from a place of habit, in fact this is where we have slipped into judgement. We are in conscious choice when we ask our bodies and soul what a true contribution in that moment would be. Aligning and listening to ourselves means we make conscious choices instead of decisions from habits and what has worked in the past. We can lose the potent power of the “ask” and connect when we are in judgement. Make sure, if it is something you have memorized or go to daily, you are checked in and present while you receive from it. Is it still true for you? What is required to be fully present with this?


Switch it Up;

Don’t be afraid to ditch and run. I have bailed on 30 days and exercise regimes for this very reason. My body already chose the results and wants something else. When you are out of control, you aren’t judging and can allow easy shifts with EVERYTHING. Everything is energy, if something feels tired and stale, find something new and fun! What else could contribute to your detox, body, or reality? Asking questions, choosing new energies and playing with different tools, clearings or statements can help to realign your conscious connection. Remember if it feels icky, sticky or heavy something isn’t true for you. It is a great opportunity to ask more questions and invite conscious connection. Light and fun are your true self alignment cues. Switching it up allows for a conscious, daily check in and tapping into your awareness, instead of being in judgement of what has worked “best” in the past.


Ask and FEEL Your Guidance;

“Guidance” isn’t always a voice booming down from the clouds. It can be picked up in many subtle forms. In my experience with my clients, the one we are most in tune with naturally is our gut, our true FEELINGS. What feels light and fluffy versus heavy, dark and sticky. Throughout your day experiment, be playful, ask questions, allow yourself to be in tune with feeling different energies and just notice them. Being aware of them will open you to allowing even more AWARENESS. Your inner guidance and intuition. Trust yourself to feel the subtleties and the differences will become even more defined. Practice is required, like everything else, even if we are hard wired for this, practicing increases the flow, abundance and frequency.


Stop Being so Hard on Yourself;

Are you making yourself wrong? For not complying, or sticking it out, or conforming to the plan? Are you being kind to yourself or seeing yourself from lack? If you could stop judging, yourself. I wonder what results would just pop in like magic. Remember, if you can’t be in judgement and awareness simultaneously, how can you choose consciousness if you are busy criticizing yourself for all the things. Pick one, judgement or awareness and notice it. Call it out if you have to and choose again. Get out of CONTROL.


Allow Yourself to Feel the Difference in Frequencies;

Take a moment to sit, breathe and truly connect with what you are working on. Bring up the energy of it.  This allows you to connect in and feel the energy of the reality you could create. Get to know the feelings and make connections so you can start BEING this new reality. When we feel this frequency, we can ask for new awarenesses to contribute to it, without judging the “how.” This shifts our frequency and raises our vibration. This practice alone fosters our clairsentience, or our innate ability to be aware through feeling. Check in with what it feels like and what would assist today, or in the next 5 mins. There is no limit on times you check back into this energy. the more you feel it the more you become it. You will discover what is working in that moment and start making all kinds of different choices for a conscious connection versus a routine or habit. As your frequency changes, so will your need for different energies as you move more into expansiveness. You can also always ask for more expansion with your awareness.

By practicing these and other techniques, you can expand your awareness so you can choose a more conscious connection. Ready to connect?

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Susie is a Certified Intuitive and Complementary Medicine Therapist with a nutritional background. She has assisted many clients with expansive personal growth on both their spiritual and health journeys, specializing in chronic digestive issues and high anxiety for both children and adults by balancing physical, emotional and mental symptoms through Guidance and Energetic Body Work.

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