Susie Stockham

Complementary Medicine Therapist and Certified Intuitive

For as long as I can remember, I have had the innate ability to feel things on deep levels. As a child, I experienced digestive issues that were always loosely labeled as “tummy feelings”. Doctors could not find answers. I had lost my brother to cancer as a small child and the feelings I felt, often got passed off as anxiety, nerves, grief…etc. something everyone expected would pass as I grew. I felt insecure on the inside as a child and adolescent. To me, it didn’t feel like I fit in with my surroundings. People, foods, and environments were often too much for me to handle and most of the time I didn’t feel like I fit in my body. I struggled with being at peace with my thoughts and feelings.

As an adolescent, I had terrible skin issues including rashes, cystic acne and all the public humiliation that came with them. I supported every product, tip or trick on the market, not caring about the side effects to take it away. Throughout my life, I also experienced abusive relationships, in amongst my also amazing friendships. I was always more comfortable with one-on-one relationships and friendships that allowed me to be me, but always carried the huge weight of judgment, of both myself and others. I spent years abusing myself, with eating disorders, and then later, alcohol.

Through my spiritual and personal growth, I came to recognize this, as nothing, but my subconscious choice and the only way I knew to lower my frequency to fit in with others. Many of the amazing relationships I have been blessed with, taught me profound lessons and have given me the capabilities to move forward on my path.

Fast forward to 30, when I first started to invite conscious awareness, I learned first about nutrition and better ways to fuel and work with my body, then about the art of convening and questioning with Spirit. I took classes in Angelic Connection, Crystal Healing and started adding Energy Work modalities to both my learning and healing. I quickly learned that this was where I felt safe and HAPPY. This is where I could align and feel my true frequencies consciously. Intentions became realities and I shed the parts of my life that weren’t serving me in a positive way. The more I learned, the more confident I felt, not only was I happy, so much of my past made sense. I became able to put the pieces together and to love my past for all that it brought.

As part of healing my lifelong digestive issues, I studied nutrition extensively and embraced many different avenues around natural healing. I fell deeply in love with Energy Work and all that came with it. The more I received through different modalities, the more aware I became to my own gifts of reading and deciphering messages through energies.  Physical symptoms that had been present my whole life, were being released on an emotional level and life just felt lighter. I had found my tribe and my calling. My own gifts became more and more obvious to me, as I learned how to connect with others on an energetic level and “make sense of the feels”. I knew that I had gone through this all so that I could assist others in discovering their own gifts and how they connect with their inner happy.

I now happily embrace my gifts as a service-based professional and leader in my field. Based out of Victoria, BC, I offer unique one-on-one sessions with others to assist them in putting their pieces together and taking the wrongness out of their past, while stepping into their gifts in a positive way.

By specializing in digestive disorders and the many “faces” they can show, I focus on connecting the dots for clients with a unique blend of energetic bodywork, awareness through intuition, anatomy and physiology to allow them to choose easy shifts in their personal growth, spiritual growth, and physical health to feel more confident and happy. Thanks to my past, I have also carved out a special niche for assisting children and their guardians with tools to help them feel secure and grounded in their bodies. I have found that my love of children from a young age and being a mom myself, have given me a special capacity for assisting children to feel aligned in their bodies and more grounded and connected in their environments.

I meet people where they are, have no judgment and a huge loving heart for all who choose to work with me. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Love always,