Energy Education 101

Class specific. Core Consciousness teaches a wide range of Spiritual and Energetic Entrepreneur Classes from Chakra Basics to Connecting with your Spirit Guides and tools for strengthening your Gifts and Inner Self Work. All levels welcome and encouraged.Join our “Better Together” FB community and Energy 101 on Meetup for event posts and details.

Access Consciousness®: The Bars®

32 head points that release deep-seated judgments and belief patterns not serving you. This service is highly recommended for any reason to deeply relax. It increases your ability to receive other possibilities, is great for releasing anxieties, improving sleep disorders, all levels of pain, and after higher learning, course or healing as serves as a defrag for your brain and leaves you feeling clear and focused.This service must be received in person.

Loyalty Membership

Want to become a Loyalty Member? By agreeing to receive 1 session per month at a discount ($90 + GST) you will receive;
Discounted rates on subsequent regular priced sessions for you and your spouse, $15 off Children’s Sessions (your children) and 20% off Specialty Sessions.
Choose YOU and your self care at least once a month and receive more perks! How does it get better than that?Here’s how it works:
  • Sign up anytime at this price and receive your session.
  • Payment is taken on the 1st of the month going forward (contract required)
  • Book in at your convenience any time in the month (Distance Sessions are included for ease and travel)
  • 2 email reminders will be sent out monthly
Please note: Contract for agreement to terms and conditions is required before we begin the initial session.

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