Energy Work

Energetic Body Work

Many layers are allowed to surface here for release, including past lives and energetic cord cutting, ancestral healing and entities removal.Angelic Alchemy and just what your body requires. Using intuition and Your Guides to talk to your body and translate the messages for awareness and release. The primary modality used is Reiki with a strong focus on communicating with the chakras to align and attune your body's organs and systems. These 60 min sessions are infused beautifully with essential oils and crystals as required for elemental healing.This service can be received via Distance.

Children’s Energetic Body Work

From energetic adjustments to nutritional suggestions, simple and effective discoveries are made during 45 min sessions with children to add ease to everyday routines.Using my special gifts, past experiences and intuition give me complementary edge in assisting with Children’s anxieties, adding extra value by giving parents insights and tools to help their children feel more grounded and secure.This 45 min service can be received via Distance.

Pet Energetics

Discoveries here reveal insights on both physical and emotional issues. Energetic Body Work utilizes intuition and Reiki to connect with their energy. Placing a strong focus on communication with the chakras to align and attune the body's organs and systems. We are also able to gain insight and reframe certain behaviours and habits adding extra value to assist owners with an even better connection to their pets.Sessions are planned between 15-45 mins depending on your pet.

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Walking Meditation and Awareness Session

This is an in person or small group (2-4 person) session and weather dependent. Discoveries here can reveal insights on both physical and emotional issues and shift them.Clearings and physical tools for inner connection and awareness allow for energetic shifts while moving our bodies and also enjoying a grounding connection with nature. These sessions will be created for you and your group specifically and are intuitively guided. They can be structured as a mini workshop also. Price will vary depending on structure, location and session requests.Use contact me page to connect and we can discuss details.

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Distance Sessions

All Distance Sessions are intention based, guided by you and utilize all the energetics of an in person session. These can be done over the phone, Skype or email. If you are unsure we can discuss prior to your session. Comments welcome in the section provided upon booking to ensure booking the right service for you.All the magic of an in person session but from anywhere. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe you are on a trip or on the other side of the world. We can do all Awareness Sessions and most Energetic Body Work from the comfort of your own space.

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Children's Session


Crystal Cure

This service boosts frequency in the property while clearing old and stagnant energy away. By placing small crystals like “band-aids” around the home on guidance, negative frequencies are neutralized and the difference is palpable.Many choose this service before listing a home or business for sale, after renovations, upon possession of a new home or business, or to lift and clear stagnant energy and invite more abundance and love into the space.

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Loyalty Membership

Want to become a Loyalty Member? By agreeing to receive 1 session per month at a discount ($90 + GST) you will receive;
Discounted rates on subsequent regular priced sessions for you and your spouse, $15 off Children’s Sessions (your children) and 20% off Specialty Sessions.
Choose YOU and your self care at least once a month and receive more perks! How does it get better than that?Here’s how it works:
  • Sign up anytime at this price and receive your session.
  • Payment is taken on the 1st of the month going forward (contract required)
  • Book in at your convenience any time in the month (Distance Sessions are included for ease and travel)
  • 2 email reminders will be sent out monthly
Please note: Contract for agreement to terms and conditions is required before we begin the initial session.

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