Awareness Readings

It is recommended that you spend some time to come up with your own questions and intentions for our time together. This will bring purposeful clarity and allow you to choose you. Answers will be more direct and allow us to cover more in one session.Guided by intention, completely out of judgment, we utilize Your Guides and different tools and questioning processes for personal growth in all areas of business, relationships, health, fitness and well being. No question is off limits and we focus on bringing out the rightness and completely letting go of the wrongness without judgement. This 60 min service can be received via Distance.

Distance Sessions

All Distance Sessions are intention based, guided by you and utilize all the energetics of an in person session. These can be done over the phone, Skype or email. If you are unsure we can discuss prior to your session. Comments welcome in the section provided upon booking to ensure booking the right service for you.All the magic of an in person session but from anywhere. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe you are on a trip or on the other side of the world. We can do all Awareness Sessions and most Energetic Body Work from the comfort of your own space.

7 Chakra Reading

We spend 90 mins in each of the chakras to identify crystal elements and energies within them, release what isn't serving and then integrate the new frequencies.This 90 min Specialty Crystal Card Reading dives deep into each of the 7 major chakras revealing and releasing sticking points and receiving tips and tools from Your Guides on how best to harmonize and bring them into daily energetic alignment.

Animal Guide Team Reveal

This is a one time 90 min Reading with a take-home manual.This 90 min Specialty Reading dives deeply into the characteristics of your personal Animal Guide team. Your unique team of 9 who stay with you from your first breath until your last are revealed and we discuss in depth how they can assist you as you move through the different phases and cycles of your life.

Friends Night In

Want to host a "Friends Night"? 

Do you have an event you and your spouse or friends are celebrating? Bring in an Intuitive. We can structure your gathering to include a session for some or a session for all. 

20-60 min card reading sessions based on your requests and numbers in attendance. 

Pricing negotiable and determined by time required, travel and number of guests. 

Loyalty Membership

Want to become a Loyalty Member? By agreeing to receive 1 session per month at a discount ($90 + GST) you will receive;
Discounted rates on subsequent regular priced sessions for you and your spouse, $15 off Children’s Sessions (your children) and 20% off Specialty Sessions.
Choose YOU and your self care at least once a month and receive more perks! How does it get better than that?Here’s how it works:
  • Sign up anytime at this price and receive your session.
  • Payment is taken on the 1st of the month going forward (contract required)
  • Book in at your convenience any time in the month (Distance Sessions are included for ease and travel)
  • 2 email reminders will be sent out monthly
Please note: Contract for agreement to terms and conditions is required before we begin the initial session.

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